What we do

  • We’re an award-winning SaaS platform that tests websites, and helps our customers understand and improve them
  • We crawl millions of pages, perform complex analysis on their contents, and present this information in a compelling and useful way
  • Our focus is on accessibility, where we help people with disabilities make full use of the web
  • We help teach our clients how to create a more accessible website for their customers

You’ll work with the best

Our customers include household names, governments, and universities, including many we can’t share here. Chances are you’ve already used a website made by someone we work with.

  • ACV 4-6 figures
  • Local government, healthcare, finance and FORTUNE 500
  • Annual and multi-year SaaS contracts

Our Account and Customer Success Managers are here to help our clients get the most out of Silktide, first and foremost.

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