What we do

  • We’re a SaaS platform that tests websites, and helps our customers understand and improve them
  • We crawl millions of pages, perform complex analysis on their contents, and present this information in a compelling and useful way
  • Our focus is on accessibility, where we help people with disabilities make full use of the web

Engineering challenges

  • Intelligence – much of web accessibility is beyond what can be tested with simple rules. We continue to push the boundaries of what a computer can assess automatically.
  • Scale – we routinely download and analyse millions of webpages, and that number grows fast. Doing this in an efficient and scalable way is a continuous challenge.
  • Accessibility – we’d be hypocritical if our own product wasn’t an exemplar of web accessibility, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, and there are always areas to improve.
  • Maturity – as technology changes and we grow, we have to continuously re-invent ourselves. Our engineering team is its own product, and one we can always make better.

Our trajectory

We’ve grown our recurring revenue by over 1,000% within the last 3 years, and expect to continue for a long time.

That means a lot of excitement, incredible opportunities for rapid career development – plus a measured dose of chaos. If that sounds like fun to you, it probably will be.

Our stack

  • Our frontend is a statically served React / TypeScript web application.
  • Our backend is a highly distributed constellation of services, built around a centralized task runner. Most of this is in PHP, with a gradual migration towards TypeScript.
  • To experience webpages as our users do, we use Chromium / Node.
  • For storage we mostly use MySQL, Redis, and S3.
  • Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS and defined in Terraform.

Developer environment

  • 100% remote across the UK and US
  • M1 MacBook Pro or latest equivalent
  • Budget for your choice of monitor, desk, chair, etc
  • Communication via Slack, Zoom and Tuple (no emails, thanks)
  • Linear for issue tracking (JIRA is not welcome here)
  • GitHub source control
  • Continuous Integration via CircleCI

What do we offer?

Aside from a fantastic culture, we offer competitive salaries, real opportunities for progression, and support at every stage of your career.

Of course, we offer nice things as well, including:

  • Laptop of your choice
  • 100% remote-work
  • Generous home office budget
  • Gym memberships
  • Gifts
  • Training and development
  • Private healthcare
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