What we do

  • We’re a SaaS platform that tests websites, and helps our customers understand and improve them
  • We crawl millions of pages, perform complex analysis on their contents, and present this information in a compelling and useful way
  • Our focus is on accessibility, where we help people with disabilities make full use of the web

Engineering challenges

  • Intelligence – much of web accessibility is beyond what can be tested with simple rules. We continue to push the boundaries of what a computer can assess automatically.
  • Scale – we routinely download and analyse millions of webpages, and that number grows fast. Doing this in an efficient and scalable way is a continuous challenge.
  • Accessibility – we’d be hypocritical if our own product wasn’t an exemplar of web accessibility, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, and there are always areas to improve.
  • Maturity – as technology changes and we grow, we have to continuously re-invent ourselves. Our engineering team is its own product, and one we can always make better.

Our customers

Our customers include household names, governments, and universities, including many we can’t share here. Chances are you’ve already used a website made by someone we work with.

Our trajectory

We’ve grown our recurring revenue by over 1,000% within the last 3 years, and expect to continue for a long time.

That means a lot of excitement, incredible opportunities for rapid career development – plus a measured dose of chaos. If that sounds like fun to you, it probably will be.

Our stack

  • Our frontend is a statically served React / TypeScript web application.
  • Our backend is a highly distributed constellation of services, built around a centralized task runner. Most of this is in PHP, with a gradual migration towards TypeScript.
  • To experience webpages as our users do, we use Chromium / Node.
  • For storage we mostly use MySQL, Redis, and S3.
  • Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS and defined in Terraform.

Developer environment

  • 100% remote across the UK and US
  • M1 MacBook Pro or latest equivalent
  • Budget for your choice of monitor, desk, chair, etc
  • Communication via Slack, Zoom and Tuple (no emails, thanks)
  • Linear for issue tracking (JIRA is not welcome here)
  • GitHub source control
  • Continuous Integration via CircleCI

What do we offer?

Aside from a fantastic culture, we offer competitive salaries, real opportunities for progression, and support at every stage of your career.

Of course, we offer nice things as well, including:

  • Gym memberships
  • Gifts
  • Training and development
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