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We analyzed 6,554 websites for accessibility 🏆

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Web and marketing agencies

Silktide helps web agencies make better websites and sell their services. Gain more business by empowering your sales team to sell more, and create more accessible websites.

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The challenge

Websites and digital marketing services are increasingly becoming commodity purchases. As a result, it’s harder than ever to stand out to prospective clients. At the same time, margins are being squeezed and your time is increasingly precious.

It’s more important than ever to find time-saving tools that let you concentrate on what you do best – providing the right advice to your customers and delivering great digital services.

Whether you are designing websites for public or private sector, or selling your services, Silktide gives you a platform that saves time, increases trust in your team, and helps you produce better work.

Audit your work and deliver the best

Your reputation rests on the quality of the work you produce. If you promise your client a great-performing, error free, accessible website, you should deliver it.

Ongoing website monitoring

However talented your team, errors can creep in, and so it’s useful to monitor the websites you create with a comprehensive testing platform.

Accessibility standards, quality, and SEO

Silktide automatically checks for SEO and accessibility issues, and helps your team save valuable quality assurance time before delivery.

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Sell your services

Using Insites, you’re able to audit prospective client’s websites and identify any errors. This helps your sales team open a conversation and provide technical solutions to businesses.

Sales-friendly website reports

We’ll provide a sales-friendly, non-technical report enabling your sales team to recommend the right services without needing to be experts in web development.

Inbound lead generation

Insites also helps you generate inbound leads with a white-labeled lead-generation service you can add to your website.


Increase client confidence

Custom client reports

Produce website test reports and share them with your clients. Our white-labelled solution means you can retain your branding.

Build trust with impartiality

Silktide’s impartial testing gives more weight to your recommendations. Clients can view a list of suggested improvements with detailed explanations.


Which Silktide product is right for my digital agency?

Depending on the kind of agency you are and the work you produce, different Silktide products may be relevant for you.

Silktide Monitor

Automated accessibility, content, and digital marketing testing.

Test for website accessibility to WCAG 2.1, ADA, and Section 508 standards. Monitor content creation to ensure website quality and digital marketing are as good as they can be.

Silktide is used by web agencies acting on behalf of governments, financial organizations, universities and FORTUNE companies.

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Sell your digital services with Insites.

Digital agencies use Insites to identify issues with potential client websites. Agency sales teams then use that information to sell digital marketing services. Insites covers SEO, SEM, directory listings, and more.

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