Many challenges. One solution

With the twin challenges of decreasing funds and increasing demand, it’s more important than ever to ensure your website is running smoothly.

Citizens expect your website to give them clearly presented information, and if they find it hard to take action, they will use alternate channels to contact you.

Therefore, to meet your channel shift target, you should create an online digital experience that solves your users’ problems.

How? By making your websites accessible, optimizing your content, and by reporting on progress over time.

Web accessibility

Make your website accessible

By creating a website that complies with the latest accessibility standards, WCAG 2.1, you’ll improve access to online services for your most vulnerable citizens.

Manual accessibility testing and error identification require a disproportionate amount of staffing and budgetary resource.

WCAG is also hard to understand. Silktide breaks accessibility down into bite-sized chunks and shows you how to fix them.

More than this, though, Silktide helps your team take the lead in accessibility, and gives you a full overview of how well you’re doing across all your websites.

Indispensable tool for helping our large organization get to grips with accessibility.

Tom Dixon, Devon County Council


Content optimization

Make sense of your website with automated testing for user experience issues including readability, broken links, and uptime monitoring.

Silktide tracks issues with page loading speeds or inaccessible content on mobile devices and presents clear information to your team for remedial action.

Silktide gives you the ability to get a good overview of your whole site. Not just in accessibility, but in content and user experience.

Andrew Kemp, Orkney Islands Council


Track and report on goals

You have a large team, with each member responsible for a different part of your website, or for multiple websites. Keeping track of who takes care of which issues is a challenge.

Silktide gives your management team a way to keep track of responsibilities, assign issues to relevant team members, and monitor progress toward improvement goals.

Each team member can be given different levels of platform access, so they only see issues relevant to their department. This means nobody gets overwhelmed with non-relevant information.

We love the quality of the reports and the ease of use in finding them. It just shows you everything.

Matt Pearce, Warwick District Council

Our technology

Silktide’s tech is fundamentally different from other website evaluation platforms

Our tech is pretty unique and allows us to do things most platforms can’t. We find more issues, can test complex user journeys, and show you where problems occur on each page.

The problem with other online accessibility tools is that they just don’t tell you how to find issues and fix them.

Ian Nicholls, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS

Our project management tools

Silktide is more than the sum of its parts. Our modules test user experience, marketing, accessibility, and more. But our platform is fundamentally designed to help your team work more efficiently together.

Keep track of everything

Assign issues to specific users and groups, and track their status.

  • Comment on specific issues
  • Add custom tags and statuses
  • Change monitoring with historical records

League tables

Silktide Index

The Silktide Index is our accessibility benchmark, comparing websites across multiple sectors.

We launched it in February 2020. Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of web accessibility.

Making your website accessible to as many people as possible makes sense for your organization.

Government organizations are included, so you can see how your site is doing.

We use Silktide to highlight accessibility issues and track/improve our score.

Esther Pickard, South Cambridgeshire District Council

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