How Silktide’s automated accessibility testing works

  1. Test your websites

    Silktide automatically finds accessibility problems and presents a prioritized list of issues to your team. It scans large websites quickly, giving you greater visibility quickly.

  2. Get a score

    Every aspect of your accessibility is given a score, and your team can set targets and due dates for improvement. Everyone is inspired to improve.

  3. Fix the problems

    Silktide shows you every issue where it occurs, on every page of your website. With comprehensive, engaging and easy-to-understand training materials, your whole team will gain the skills they need to solve the problems Silktide finds.

Understand your websites

Silktide identifies accessibility barriers and automatically prioritizes where you should focus your efforts

Inspire your team

Silktide is easy to use and filled with fun, engaging information that helps you get buy-in across your whole organization.

Improve your accessibility

Silktide gives you actionable information that helps you remove accessibility barriers and maintain compliance.

See it for yourself

We built a deliberately inaccessible website and tested it with Silktide. See it in action.

  • #1 Accessibility Platform
  • #1 Digital Governance
  • #1 Digital Analytics
4.8 Rating on G2
Independently awarded by G2.

Struggling with web accessibility?

If you’re overwhelmed by accessibility, and worried about the consequences of having an inaccessible site, we can help.

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  • Take the pain out of learning accessibility
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