Leo Rodríguez leads the Accenture accessibility team in Costa Rica and uses Silktide to support their business development efforts.

Accenture is a global consulting firm that provides professional services to large organizations. One of the areas they focus on is improving web accessibility for their clients. Leo Rodríguez leads the digital accessibility team in Costa Rica and sat down to talk to us about how he uses Silktide to win more business.

Leo and his team use Silktide as their main product to target website accessibility issues. They set up tests based on the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standard and perform an analysis of the results. They then share the results with their clients and partners, along with a deck that outlines the issues and offers solutions.

One of the strengths of Silktide is its ability to quickly identify the most common accessibility issues on a given website. Leo and his team analyze these checks to determine the impact on users and the specific disability groups that will be affected. This information is presented to their clients as a powerful incentive to improve their website accessibility.

Using Silktide, Leo’s team is able to take a proactive approach to accessibility improvement. They scan their client’s websites using Silktide without involving the client initially. This allows them to prepare a deck that outlines the issues and offers solutions before approaching the client. This approach has proven to be successful in gaining new clients.

By providing solutions to accessibility issues before they become a problem, Leo’s team is able to build trust and demonstrate their commitment to improving their client’s businesses.

By using Silktide as a sales tool, Accenture has increased the capacity of its department and its ability to quote for projects at scale. The team has grown to over 60 accessibility staff under Leo’s tenure, most of which are at capacity owing to the increased volume of work that Silktide has enabled them to attract.

Leo and his team believe firmly that improving accessibility for their clients is incredibly important, and the impact on millions of people around the world who visit these large websites cannot be overstated.

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