Ian Nicholls discusses the ROI of Silktide, monitoring the migration of their website, and using Silktide Analytics.

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust manages six external websites, two intranets, and some document libraries. They use Silktide to continually monitor the accessibility and other issues with their websites. Ian Nicholls, E-Health Transformation Manager at the Trust, manages the web team, and Silktide has been a useful platform for him and his team in various ways.

The Trust began using Silktide a number of years ago after an accessibility audit was carried out. This identified some issues with the website, which was useful in figuring out:

  • what was wrong and;
  • what they needed to change

One of the primary reasons for using Silktide was to find a way to continually monitor for issues on the website, which is necessary because the Trust’s website is not static. Silktide helps them keep track of changes, as well as the impact of errors on users. This is especially true of third-party plugins which can update and have an impact on the accessibility of every site.

For Ian, Silktide has been particularly useful for giving overall assurance about the current status of their website and whether they need to do any particular pieces of work to it. They’ve also been able to monitor the impact of their work.

Recently, they rebuilt the website for the newly formed ICB in Cornwall and applied Silktide Analytics to it. They use it to demonstrate which areas of the website are getting the most traffic, how people are arriving at the website, and any points of frustration that users find.

Ian used this information to provide feedback to the communication staff at the ICB about how and what people are looking for on the website. They could better adjust the content and the campaigns that they ran to drive traffic to the website, helping with channel shift and improving the way people access health services in Cornwall.

The team found Silktide Analytics particularly helpful in identifying areas of frustration for users, such as an image with a phone number and email address that lacked proper links. With Silktide’s insights, they were able to quickly identify and address the issue.

Silktide has also played a crucial role in the rebuilding of the Trust’s website. The team is using the NHS theme, and Silktide has helped them to ensure that the new site is accessible and compliant with WCAG guidelines from the start.

Silktide has helped Ian and his team better understand their users’ behavior and needs, and to make data-driven decisions about how to improve their websites.

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