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We analyzed 6,554 websites for accessibility šŸ†

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Universities trust Silktide to make their websites better

Silktide is an automated platform that highlights content and accessibility issues on your desktop and mobile websites.

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What are your biggest website challenges?

Your website is your most important public-facing asset and gives the first impression of your organization.

Presenting your university in the best light is key to attracting and retaining students from all backgrounds and abilities.

With thousands of pages, continually updating content, a wide range of stakeholders, and accessibility challenges, you’ve got your work cut out. Silktide can help.

Thousands of pages to manage

Nobody can be expected to manage tens of thousands of web pages alone. Keeping track of content that changes daily, accessibility challenges, and disparate stakeholders is an insurmountable task.

Unlimited testing capabilities

Silktide reports on your entire web structure, including subdomains and micro-sites. We help you identify and correct issues across website content, marketing, and privacy. You no longer need to be an expert in everything.

Accessibility requirements

Silktide automatically tests your website against all three levels of WCAG 2.1 accessibility legislation, including mobile device testing.

We’ll educate and guide your team toward better accessibility compliance by giving you a comprehensive website testing platform.

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Continually updating content

Your content team are regularly adding new pages to your site. We’ll give them the tools to create a top-performing website using best practice for SEO, search, speed, mobile, and page optimization.

Spelling, grammar, and broken link checking

Check for spelling errors in 50 languages. Make broken links a thing of the past. Gain the knowledge and understanding required to produce world-class content using Silktide’s clear reports.

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Marketing, SEO and advertising challenges

Content is only the first step. Your marketing team demand the very best performance from your website, including well-optimized, highly ranked pages.

Page speed optimization

Making sure images are optimized for size and your pages load quickly should be an important focus for your development and content teams.

Keyword research and backlinks

With Silktide, you’re able to report on keyword rankings, competitors advertising and backlink quality, as well as identify and solve a wide range of technical challenges.

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Time and resource pressure

Managing and optimizing a multi-thousand page website is a huge, seemingly unmanageable task, and often more work that is reasonable for one person to understand. Often, too many users are responsible for web content, resulting in inconsistency in quality across your sites.

Silktide identifies inconsistencies and technical errors throughout your sites. You can streamline and align your content strategy using custom policies, and get tasks broken down into manageable chunks.

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Disparate tools and processes

Your team may be getting information from a wide range of tools, creating disjointed data. This makes it difficult to find and report on issues or monitor progress toward improvements.

Roles and responsibilities

Silktide gives your staff unlimited access to one single platform, where they get maximum visibility on issues and can easily share information between teams.

Migration and redesign

The migration of web content from one system to another is often an ongoing task. If you’re undergoing a website migration, your to-do list might look like an encyclopedia.

Website auditing

Silktide audits all of your websites and gives you a comprehensive list of pages, documents, links, contact details and technology, making migration more manageable.

Where do you score in the Silktide Index?

The Silktide Index is our accessibility benchmark, comparing websites across multiple sectors.

We launched it in February 2020. Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of web accessibility.

Making your website accessible to as many people as possible makes sense for your organization.

Universities are included, so you can see how your site is doing.

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