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Fix the important things first

Silktide automatically prioritizes website issues by severity, number, and difficulty, presenting solutions to individual team members.

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Identify your most important issues

One website error may occur hundreds of times, impacting thousands of users. Silktide gives you a detailed list of recommendations in order of severity, so you can make quick fixes across your entire site.

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Start with the easier accessibility requirements

Silktide filters issues by WCAG 2.1 level A, AA or AAA. Your team can pinpoint and solve the essential accessibility errors in Level 1, and then work on the rest once these are complete.

It’s a better solution than using confusing accessibility checklist spreadsheets, which are hard to manage or retain visibility over.

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Silktide splits out all the tasks needed to be completed, in order of priority, for each function within our organisation. It also enables us to track progress against these tasks, and rewards progress with a better audit score. Love it.

Jonathan Jones | Digital Marketing Solutions Leader | Honeywell

Assign issues by difficulty

Your team will have different skill sets and roles. Not everyone will be able to handle every challenge, so Silktide allows you to hand tasks to team members based on difficulty level.

Your content editors can see only relevant fixes (broken links or readability), while your development team can focus on technical issues (mobile compatibility or code fixes).

Help is at hand

For every issue found across all modules in the Silktide platform, detailed help and support (including code examples) are available. Our aim is not only to explain what the issues are but to educate your team on how to fix them.

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