What is WCAG 2.2?

The latest version of the internationally-recognized accessibility standard, WCAG, is almost here. WCAG (the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is a legal requirement in many countries.

WCAG 2.2 builds on the previous version. It’s currently still in draft and has been delayed a number of times.

There are currently nine additional success criteria (things that a website is expected to do to pass the new standard). It’s important to note that these are still subject to change, which is why we are giving our customers the option to test for them as part of Silktide.

Silktide tests for all of WCAG 2.2 with automated and assisted checks. Automated checks are carried out entirely by a computer, while assisted checks guide you to areas of your website that you should check manually. Full explanations are provided inside Silktide.

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