Build a better mobile experience

You don’t need us to tell you that most Internet users are on a mobile phone these days.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to offer fast-loading, efficient and responsive mobile sites.

Some of your users are on a slow connection or have accessibility needs.

So you should make sure your site is usable and accessible to everyone. It’s the right thing to do and it’s great for SEO and navigation.

Silktide analyzes mobile text and link size, appropriate scrolling, responsive design, and much more. We present test results in manageable chunks to your team.

Find your resource hogs

Time is money, they say.

If your website loads slowly, your users are more likely to get frustrated and leave.

That’s why Google considers page load speed an important factor in SEO rankings.

Silktide identifies a list of your slowest-loading site-wide resources. We’ll identify large JavaScript files, CSS sheets, fonts, and images, and give you tips on optimizing them.

Optimize your images

Large images also cause slow page speeds. You should make their file sizes as small as possible.

This isn’t always possible when you have many content creators, some of whom don’t consider the impact of uploading large files to your site.

Silktide can identify large images and lets you download compressed versions. You can replace these in your CMS without involving the design team.

It’s a simple way to keep file sizes down, page loading speed up, and involve fewer people.

Check your site is online

Unplanned downtime creates huge cost. More phone and email support calls from users who otherwise would be on your website create extra strain on your staff.

Silktide’s uptime monitor checks your site every five minutes and notifies your team if your site goes down.

Your home page is always monitored and you can specify additional pages easily.

We are instantly notified about any downtime or inappropriate functioning of our website.

Jo Hilditch, Worcestershire County Council

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