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We analyzed 6,554 websites for accessibility 🏆

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About Silktide

Who are Silktide?

We’re the web intelligence company helping businesses and organizations make their websites better.

What we do

Founded in 2001, Silktide helps thousands of customers analyze tens of millions of websites every year. Our users are found in over 900 cities around the globe.

We cover almost every aspect of an organization’s web presence, including content, accessibility, marketing, mobile, social, speed, and legal compliance.

Why we’re special

There are many tools which can test one aspect of a website – like accessibility, speed, or social – but Silktide was designed to integrate all of these and more. We built a world-class architecture for analyzing websites, and added a management layer for collaborative work on top. Think of Silktide as an operating system for understanding websites.

By bringing these elements together into a single platform, we’re able to identify what matters most, and provide a single set of dashboards and reports to help improve it. FORTUNE companies use Silktide to provide dashboards of their global web presence.

Our unique technology is able to explore webpages like a real person, in real browsers, on both mobile and desktop devices – something that no other platform can. We’re able to interact with these pages like a real person too, allowing us to check complex user journeys, like signing up, or making a purchase on your site.

What we believe

Our mission is to help make the web a better place. We do this by creating technologies and by educating people on how to make better websites.

The web is one of the most transformative forces for good in human history. But too much is lost to poor user experiences, failing technology and mismanagement. Our software helps people detect these problems and opportunities, and helps people act upon them.

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Our software

Silktide makes great software to help businesses manage their entire web presence.

Silktide Monitor

Automated accessibility, content, and digital marketing testing.

Test for website accessibility to WCAG 2.1, ADA, and Section 508 standards. Monitor content creation to ensure website quality and digital marketing are as good as they can be.

Silktide is used by governmentsweb development agencies, financial organizations, universities and FORTUNE companies.

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Sell your digital services with Insites.

Digital agencies use Insites to identify issues with potential websites, and their sales teams use that information to sell digital marketing services. Insites covers SEO, SEM, directory listings, and more.

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Free SEO, local search, and marketing testing

Our free website testing tool, Nibbler, covers user experience, SEO, local search, accessibility, marketing, and technology. Web developers use Nibbler to test their own and other sites.

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