One platform. Many solutions.

Disparate tools, hundreds of users, and a team at breaking point? Silktide takes the pressure off by providing personalized, actionable solutions in one platform.

Our company

What we believe

We’re making the web a better place for everyone. We do this by creating technologies and by educating people on how to make better websites.

The web is one of the most transformative forces for good in human history. But too much is lost to poor user experiences, failing technology, and mismanagement. Our software helps people detect these problems and opportunities, and helps people act upon them.

Three awesome ways to make your websites better

We help web teams in government, higher education, finance, and across the private sector work more efficiently and create a better web experience for their users.

  • Find the issues

    Test specific areas of your websites. We include accessibility, content, UX, and much more.

  • Improve workflow

    Powerful tools to help your team get more done in less time. Customize workflows and facilitate teamwork.

  • See everything

    Inspector is Silktide’s visual hub. Find issues, be educated as to their impact, and learn how to fix them.

Find website issues using Silktide’s modules

Modules are the individual components of Silktide. Each module tests and reports on a specific area. Fundamentally, each module contains the results of specific and related tests Silktide performs on your website.

A powerful suite of web project management tools

Silktide helps your team to get more done without using different software or multiple free tools. Assign specific tasks to individuals or groups, control access permissions, and customize your workflow.

Keep track of everything

Assign issues to specific users and groups, and track their status.

  • Comment on specific issues
  • Add custom tags and statuses
  • Change monitoring with historical records


Inspector is the hub of Silktide, where you’ll find issues, be educated as to their impact, and learn how to fix them. It’s your website, inside Silktide. From here you can assign tasks, see mobile and desktop views, and get more done.

Web accessibility

Web accessibility is easy. Said no one ever.

Understanding WCAG is painful. Silktide shows you accessibility issues across your websites and explains in plain language how to fix them.

I can categorically say that we’d never have got as far as we have in terms of accessibility without Silktide.

Andrew Kemp, Orkney Islands Council

Why you should choose Silktide

Using multiple tools to manage your websites creates inefficiency. Silktide is a centralized web governance platform that dramatically improves your workflow.

  • G2 rating

    Silktide is the highest-rated digital governance platform for Satisfaction and Ease of Use.

  • Mobile testing

    Silktide experiences your website after all pages have loaded, so we can accurately test on mobile.

  • Plain English

    We explain accessibility in easy-to-understand terms, so your team can be more efficient.

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