Introducing Silktide Analytics – analytics without cookies

  • Page views

    How many times each page on your website is loaded

  • Unique visitors

    Brand-new visitors to your site within the chosen time period

  • Returning visitors

    People who return to your site within 24 hours having previously visited

  • Entrances and exits

    The page a visitor first saw and the page from which they left your website

  • Bounce rates

    Users who land on a page and then do not visit another page

  • UTM Tracking

    Source, Medium and Campaign tracking with standard and custom advertising tracking code support

  • Location

    Understand which countries and regions your users are located in

  • Devices

    Desktop and mobile traffic along with browser window size and operating system

  • Scroll depth

    Average percentage of scroll on every page, perfect for measuring which content is the most engaging

  • Words read

    How many words were read on each page

  • Filters

    Data filtering by page, browser, O/S, source/medium, campaign, and location. In any combination.

  • Segments

    Split your audience into groups and report on their activity separately.

  • Downloads

    Track document downloads. Includes PDFs and common Office file types, like .doc and .xls.

  • Events

    Report on page views, clicks, and frustration events. Create and report on your own custom event types.

  • Query parameters

    Assign any query parameter to a campaign report. Go beyond simple UTM tracking and report on everything

  • Rename campaigns

    Consolidate tracking parameters to group and rename them, adding your own icon for cleaner reporting

Frequently asked questions

Big tech tracks your every move online. Under GDPR, it’s illegal for personally identifiable information to be sent outside the EU. But Google’s servers are located in the US, so by using Google Analytics you could be breaking the law. Not just this, but Google also tracks user data, building a profile of online activity online. That profile is used to send targeted ads to users whichever website they visit. All this is made possible by the use of third-party cookies. Eliminate cookies, and you can help to eliminate user tracking online and create a more privacy-focused Internet.

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