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Protect your brand and reputation. Silktide automatically checks for issues including broken links, spelling, grammar, and more.

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Present your organization in the best possible light

Keeping track of content across thousands of pages is tough. Spelling and grammar errors can slip through the net, no matter how competent your content team is. Broken links ruin the user experience and reduce trust in your organization. Hard to read sentences reduce people’s understanding of your site.

Silktide offers a solution to all these challenges. With automated testing for spelling, grammar, broken links, and readability, you can be sure of a brilliant user experience every time.

Automated spelling and grammar checks

Never miss a spelling error

Silktide identifies spelling mistakes in 50 languages and shows you where they occur on your site.

Perfect grammar

Grammar checks in 25 languages mean you don’t need to switch back and forth between different platforms.

Save time in one platform

Integrate with your CMS and automatically retest updated content.

Deliver a better user experience

Fix your broken links

Incorrect or non-working links can stop your visitors finding the information they need and harm your SEO. Silktide tells you where they are.

Relevant notifications

Silktide keeps everyone in the loop. Editors are told about content issues, and developers about more wide-ranging issues.

Priority fixes

Concentrate on fixing the most important issues first. Silktide reports issues by volume and severity.

Readability and inappropriate content

Reading age for every article

Silktide uses the SMOG formula to check all variations of the English language, and makes sure your text is readable for most adults.

Inappropriate content

Silktide also checks for potentially inappropriate content and highlights the pages on which it occurs.

Testing on real devices

It’s likely that most of your users visit your website from a mobile device. With so many screen sizes available, it’s challenging to ensure it works everywhere.

Get feedback on UX issues and broken layouts. Silktide checks button sizes, screen scrolling and a wide range of other mobile-specific issues.

Silktide tests on real devices and sees your website as your users would, giving an accurate real-world view

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Migration made simpler

Help with a new CMS

When transferring thousands of pages to a new CMS you need a full inventory. It’s available in Silktide on one handy screen.

Reduce costs

Silktide automates much of your website QA and reduces your costs by auditing existing pages, saving your team’s valuable time.

Create your own custom content rules

Stay on brand

Add brand terms to your own custom dictionary to maintain consistency across your website.

Consistent capitalization

If your products or services need capital letters, you can add rules to ensure your team is notified of any violations.

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Build accessible and SEO-friendly content

Silktide presents non-technical accessibility issues to your content team. Easily fix image alternative text and page titles without being bogged down in technical details.

Missing meta descriptions and text headings affect your SEO, so we’ll also highlight these.

The Silktide reporting has been invaluable for identifying spelling mistakes, broken links, badly-optimized images, missing SEO fundamentals and Javascript faults.

Chris Cotterill | Head of Digital | Swim England

We show you every issue

Find issues directly on your site

The Inspector displays all issues in place on each page of your site. If you connect your CMS, you can automatically retest updated content.

Detailed explanations and education

Help and support are available, including code examples, for every issue Silktide detects. Our aim is not only to explain what the issues are but to educate your team on how to fix them.

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Keep track of everything

Review every decision

User decisions logged in Silktide are available for review by your management team, filterable across all your websites and team members.

Automatic management reporting

Track team progress with historical graphs. We’ll list actions in order of priority, based on severity and number. A full audit trail of all changes made to your website is available.

Work smarter

We attribute a difficulty rating to every action so you can start with the easy fixes and work from there.

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