So much awesomeness in one platform

Silktide reports on a range of content issues, like spelling and grammar, broken links, readability, accessibility, and SEO.

We find the issues, show you where they occur, and help the relevant team with an intuitive workflow.

Deliver a better user experience

Never miss a spelling error

Silktide identifies spelling mistakes in 50 languages and shows you where they occur on your site.

Perfect grammar

Grammar checks in 25 languages mean you don’t need to switch back and forth between different platforms.

No more broken links

Incorrect or non-working links stop your visitors from finding the information they need and harm your SEO. Silktide tells you where they are.

Without Silktide, I’d be relying on our end users to provide me information about broken links and spelling mistakes.

Matt Pearce, Warwick District Council

Measure readability

Reading age for every article

Silktide uses the SMOG formula to check all variations of the English language and makes sure your text is readable for most adults.

Inappropriate content

Silktide also checks for potentially inappropriate content and highlights the pages on which it occurs.

Silktide has been instrumental in boosting the quality of our website by highlighting everything from broken links and poor grammar, to bad spelling and hard readability.

Adam Offord, Medway Council

Have you considered content accessibility?

Accessibility starts with content

The impact of poor accessibility on your user cannot be understated. It’s not just a web team issue – it starts with your content creators.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult

Silktide presents non-technical accessibility issues to your content team. Easily find and fix image alternative text, page titles, and link text without being bogged down in details.

The website quality management platform built for web managers

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