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Web accessibility

Silktide’s web accessibility testing platform gives you a much simpler way to achieve WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and ADA compliance, helping you make your websites accessible to everyone.

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Include everybody. Create accessible content.

Accessibility is not about disability, it’s about inclusivity. Inaccessible websites frustrate users and create barriers for people that want to engage with your organization.

Creating and maintaining thousands of pages of accessible content presents a growing challenge. You need to consider the impact on the user experience of inaccessible PDFs, hard-to-read text and missing alternate text descriptions.

Silktide regularly reports on accessibility issues and breaks down the impossible into the manageable. Our platform presents the total number of issues, where they occur and how important they are.

Silktide are the official accessibility testing partner of Socitm.

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Mobile accessibility testing

WCAG 2.1 mobile standards

WCAG 2.1 introduced criteria that make sure all users can use websites on mobile devices.

Silktide is, we believe, the only platform capable of testing on mobile devices to the WCAG 2.1 standard.

Silktide tests like a human would

Our technology is able to view your website on real devices and find issues that other platforms simply cannot.

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“Highlighting and addressing any WCAG 2.1 accessibility issue allows us to push to be an accessibility leader in the industry.”

Joseph Vugteveen | Web project coordinator | Grand Valley State University

Save time with automated testing

Your team hasn’t the time or budget to trawl through your website looking for errors. Silktide automates the task and presents valuable recommendations alongside clear explanations.

We test across all levels of WCAG 2.1 for issues like PDF accessibility, color contrast, and form labels.


Break down accessibility into manageable pieces

If you have thousands of pages to manage and audit, where do you begin? Impending deadlines for WCAG compliance put extra pressure on your team.

Silktide breaks down accessibility issues and prioritizes the most important actions. You can see which pages have problems and filter by WCAG Level A, AA, and AAA.

Silktide not only tells you about errors, it shows you where they are on your page. Connect your CMS and you can automatically retest updated content.

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Keep track of progress

You can monitor your team’s progress toward WCAG compliance with historical graphs. We’ll list actions in order of priority, based on severity and number.

We attribute a difficulty rating to every action so you can start with the easy fixes and work from there. A full audit trail of all changes made to your website is available.

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Every accessibility issue is explained

Your content team may not be accessibility experts, but that’s ok. The Inspector highlights accessibility issues and gives your team valuable insight and explanations.

For every issue found, detailed help and support are available, including code examples. Our aim is not just to explain what the issues are, but educate your team as to how to fix them.

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Ongoing accessibility training

Our dedicated accessibility experts will set up your account and give ongoing training by phone, chat, and webinar.

Get up-to-date video tutorials and learn at your own pace with the Silktide Academy.

We offer you comprehensive on-site education, providing real value to your team.

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