Data privacy

What is privacy?

Personal data are any information related to an identified or identifiable person. This covers a wide range, including name, address, location, IP address, and cookies.

GDPR impacts websites even if the operating organization has no physical presence in Europe and doesn’t target European customers.

Organizations collecting or processing personal data of EU citizens must comply with GDPR.


What is the potential impact of getting GDPR wrong?

Organizations found to violate GDPR are at risk of a penalty of 4% of global revenue, or €20 million. Data protection authorities can also issue sanctions such as bans on data processing or public reprimands.

Silktide tracks GDPR violations and gives your team a priority list of remedial actions.


Cookie control

Tracking cookies are subject to GDPR legislation. Your privacy policy must outline the cookies used on your site.

Silktide lists all the cookies you’re using and alerts you if new cookies are detected. This enables you to keep your privacy policy up to date.

Data retention

Form data

Keep track of website forms that track and collect personally identifiable information.


Geographical footprint

Under GDPR, the country holding personal data is significant. Silktide identifies the collection and storage of user data by location so you can audit data privacy by location.

More features

We help web teams in government, higher education, finance and across the private sector work more efficiently and create a better web experience for their users.

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