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The alternative to Siteimprove

The accessibility-focused Siteimprove alternative that actually works. We’re the only platform that automates testing against WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and ADA standards, including mobile accessibility.

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Identify more accessibility issues

Did you know that Siteimprove’s tool does not actually test for WCAG 2.1? WCAG 2.1 specifically covers accessibility on mobile devices.

A basic check is to test for content which scrolls in two dimensions (WCAG 1.4.10 Reflow), something Siteimprove’s tool cannot test for. This puts you at risk of non-compliance with the WCAG 2.1 standards, and will negatively affect your users.

Silktide’s platform does what no other automated testing platform can – we read your website as a real user would, in real browsers. We test all screen sizes to the required standard, including mobile.

Don’t get caught out, use Silktide for all your accessibility testing requirements.

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WCAG is really confusing. Siteimprove was supposed to educate people on how to do it correctly, but it fell short on content. Silktide explains accessibility in a way that is so easy to understand.

Joseph Vugteveen | Web project coordinator | Grand Valley State University

Check your mobile site

Siteimprove’s tool claims to test for mobile, but their entire test is based on Google’s free page speed analysis. The only information provided is a single score out of 100.

In contrast, Silktide’s platform tests all your web pages on a mobile device, and we use this information to measure your mobile speed, layout, and accessibility.

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Test more often

We’ll test your site automatically and give you updated results every five days. We also test whenever content is changed, so you’ll immediately be notified of any issues.

You can also run manual tests on individual pages or your whole site, whenever you like, at no extra cost.


Get more in-depth explanations

Silktide offers a clear solution for every technical issue discovered on your site. Our aim is not just to tell you about issues, but to show you where they occur and explain why and how to fix them.

We do this with explanations, code examples, and video guides for each issue, all located within easy reach.

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Experience a clearer and simpler user interface

Silktide was built from the ground up with usability in mind. We present clearly laid out sections, highlighting issues in order of priority, segmented by responsibility.

Every issue is explained, and you can either use Silktide to get an overview of progress toward a goal, or dig deeper and focus on specific website challenges.

Common tasks, like working with spelling errors, are simpler and require fewer clicks than Siteimprove. Get more done in less time with Silktide.

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We really weren’t getting what we wanted out of Siteimprove, especially for the price point we were at. I don’t regret switching, at all.

Joseph Vugteveen | Web project coordinator | Grand Valley State University

Perfect your quality assurance

Keeping track of content across thousands of pages is tough. Spelling and grammar errors can slip through the net, no matter how competent your content team is. Broken links ruin the user experience and reduce trust in your organization. Hard to read sentences reduce people’s understanding of your site. Unplanned downtime creates extra strain on your resources.

With automated testing for spelling, grammar, broken links, readability, and uptime, you can be sure of a brilliant user experience, every time.

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Supercharge your SEO

Silktide’s marketing platform identifies a wide range of potential SEO issues. Clear, actionable data is delivered to your team. This means you can prioritize the most important issues and automatically retest changes made in your CMS.

Choose and report on ranking targets for selected keywords. Identify gaps in search engine coverage. Get access to trend data and competitor search insights. See how you rank across the world by choosing alternative search locations.

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Fix the important things first

Silktide automatically prioritizes website issues by severity, number and difficulty, presenting solutions to individual team members.

Your team will have different skill sets and roles. Not everyone will be able to handle every challenge, so Silktide allows you to hand tasks to team members based on difficulty level.

Your content editors can see only relevant fixes (broken links or readability), while your development team can focus on technical issues (mobile compatibility or code fixes).

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Misspellings list

Being unable to catch and identify issues was one of our main issues with Siteimprove. It wasn’t until we started using Silktide we realized how much was missing.

Zach McCurdy | Web trainer & content manager | Grand Valley State University

Get service, not sales

Silktide doesn’t badger its customers with sales calls asking them to upgrade. We’ve created our Customer Success team to offer genuine help, with ongoing accessibility and SEO training and webinars.

Our culture is one of education and inclusivity. We genuinely believe in making the web a better place for everyone.

We’ll work with you to help you do just that.

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Already using Siteimprove? We’ll migrate you to Silktide for free.

Silktide offer a dedicated Siteimprove switching service, where we’ll migrate your settings for you.

Silktide will set up all of your websites, users, permissions, dictionaries, CMS integration, and more. We can even tailor our training for existing Siteimprove users.

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