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We analyzed 6,554 websites for accessibility 🏆

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Our culture

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Silktide is the home of thinkers, creatives, designers and geeks. We love to innovate and focus on making the web a better place for everyone.

What we believe in

A big part of what we do is help people to make their websites more accessible. The Internet is so important to so many people, and nobody should be denied access to its information because of their ability or disability.

Silktide encourages education and positivity surrounding web accessibility. We provide a platform for web users to identify and fix accessibility issues on their websites, not simply to attain an accessibility score or to meet legislation, but to make the web a better place for all users.

By joining us, you’ll be contributing to improving the lives of everyone around the world, by creating software and tools that help people find information, whatever their ability.

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What’s it like to work at Silktide?


We’ll give you the freedom to choose your work, your tech, your working hours, and of course, your location.

We don’t clock in and out, in fact, we don’t check your hours. As long as your work gets done, that’s good enough for us.

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a Silktide developer working at his computer


Every team member keeps a Slack journal, to log their thoughts, work and ideas. Every staff member can read them. Want to know what the CEO is working on? Done.

We abhor email, and in fact, rarely use it outside of talking to our clients.

We don’t have meetings for the sake of it, but we are open about company direction. Open communication is key to our, and your, success.

We speak plainly. We say sorry. We admit our mistakes and call people on theirs. Especially the boss’.

If it’s wrong, we say so. Internal honesty is key. Think you’ve found a better way? Tell us.

You don’t need permission, but you do need common sense.


You get to build things you love. If you wouldn’t want to experience it, we wouldn’t expect you to build it.

Build small, test, repeat. It’s ok to fail. But do it quickly, and move on.

Your work should be important, but not urgent.

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Computer screen showing code


We believe employees work best when you get out of their way and support them. From home office setup to regular one-to-ones, we’re here to support you.

We’re a very family-friendly company. Lots of our staff have children, and we’re really flexible around this, especially given the events of 2020. You’ll never need to worry about unforeseen childcare situations or doctor’s appointments.

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“I wanted to create a company that treats its staff the way I’d want to be treated, which sounds obvious but is apparently rare as hell. I’d worked in places where the staff are assumed to be idiots and given no freedom and terrible directions, and a lot of what we do is an antibody to that”

Oliver Emberton, CEO, Silktide
Oliver Emberton