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The selfish case for caring about web accessibility

We all know making your website accessible is the right thing to do. We may even believe it’s the commercially savvy thing to do.

But in the quiet of your heart, you might wonder: what’s in it for me?

I know, we’re not supposed to think such things, but people are people. Properly aligned, even selfish motives can produce positive results. So, if you’re so inclined, here are some selfish reasons for you to learn and adopt accessibility in your websites:

Accessibility pays

Whether you’re a website manager, designer, developer, or writer, having experience in accessibility is a distinctive and valued skill that can translate into higher income.

Accessibility multiplies your other skills

Accessibility challenges many assumptions about how a website should be designed, implemented, and tested. This fundamental reframe reveals a higher level of understanding than most professionals will ever contemplate.

Raise your prestige

Being well-versed in web accessibility can show that you are forward-thinking and considerate of all users, enhancing your reputation.

Accessibility is a growing market

The web accessibility market is growing rapidly, as businesses realize the importance of inclusive design. Having a skill set in web accessibility opens the door to numerous opportunities in this expanding market.

Increased demand

As awareness grows, so does the demand for accessibility professionals. Laws and regulations are becoming stricter, which means companies are actively seeking experts who can help them meet these standards.

Future-proofing your skills

Technology is rapidly advancing, and alongside it, the push for greater inclusivity. By mastering web accessibility now, you’re future-proofing your skills for upcoming digital trends.

Broadening your perspective

Understanding web accessibility helps you approach problems from different angles and think more broadly. This can lead to innovative solutions that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Personal growth

Learning about web accessibility can be a rewarding experience. It raises awareness about the diverse needs of users and instills a sense of empathy, which can positively influence your personal development.

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