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Make your websites accessible

A comprehensive solution to ensure that your websites are accessibility to all.

Website accessibility is more important and more challenging than ever. With websites constantly being updated, and technologies becoming more complex, it can be almost impossible to meet your accessibility standards. Silktide can help.

Accessibility at a glance

Female Sitting With Interface
Female Sitting With Interface

The latest standards

We stay on top of the latest standards so you don't have to. Silktide automatically validates websites against the latest WCAG 2 (A, AA, AAA) and Section 508 standards. Where automated validation is not possible, we provide a framework for the manual checks that are needed.

A man sitting down looking confused
A man sitting down looking confused

Manage your priorities

Accessibility can be overwhelming. Silktide intelligently aggregates and prioritizes your issues, so that issues which appear on multiple pages only appear once. You can measure your progress for any task, or for any accessibility standard, at any time.

Male pushing interface
Male pushing interface

Get the help you need

When an online tool isn't enough, you can call on us to help you make sense of accessibility. Our team of experts are on-hand to provide personalized, independent support for your websites.

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Request a Demo

Interested in how Silktide can monitor and improve your website? Get in touch and we'll prepare a custom demonstration for your website.