Web accessibility is easy, said nobody ever.

Understanding WCAG is painful. Silktide shows you accessibility issues across your websites and explains in plain language how to fix them. Now, anyone can become an #a11y expert.

Accessibility data

We analyzed 6554 websites for accessibility issues.

Our data shows that worldwide public sector sites perform significantly better than privately-operated sites.

Silktide Index

How accessible is your industry?

The Silktide Index is our monthly league table of global accessibility across multiple sectors and industries.


Help with meeting your legal obligations

Organizations are subject to accessibility legislation across the world, depending on their location and sector.

The EU Web Accessibility Directive, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act are just three such legislations.

The consequences for non-compliance can be severe, but from a moral standpoint, making your website accessible is the right thing to do.

Silktide monitors our website against the latest standards, WCAG 2.1, so we are confident of becoming more compliant against the legal requirements.

Mark Hook, Christ Church, University of Oxford

Video series

Don’t be afraid of…

A series of short educational videos to help you understand various accessibility terminology and techniques.

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