The benefits to Silktide are endless. Not only am I solving my problems more easily and efficiently, I am having a fun time while doing it.”

“I have really enjoyed how easy Silktide is to understand. I am somewhat new to managing a website and this tool is definitely making it way easier.”

-Alison Slusarczyk, Grand Valley State University

Highlighting and addressing any WCAG 2.1 accessibility issue allows us to push to be an accessibility leader in the industry.

-Joseph Vugteveen, MEd, Grand Valley State University

“After about a month of improvements we have seen good gain in SEO and we take comfort in the fact that our site is more ADA complaint for all our customers.”

-Michael Salvati, Olukai

Silktide has been able to accurately dig deep into our large website and find various sorts of issues that our previous software did not.”

One of the best companies I have dealt with in regards to customer satisfaction.”

-Barbara Klemmer, Ametek

The simplicity compared to other products made the decision to select Silktide easy.”

-Zach McCurdy, Grand Valley State University

“The reports and details they collect are critical for managing and maintaining the quality of our sites. We rely on this data to ensure that we find links that have changed, issues with code or typos, accessibility and SEO details and more. Being able to see the detail, where it is on the site, what the issues are and to be able to validate changes is invaluable.”

-Jennifer Hooper, Heroku / Salesforce

We appreciate Silktide and recommend their services immensely.”

-Taylor Howard, Tampa General Hospital

“I love being able to quickly check the content feature for broken URLs, misspelled words, and more! We have been able to significantly raise our scores with the help of Silktide.”

“The ease of use and functionality is top notch. The real-time score updating is a plus too. Silktide is intuitive to figure out in a short time period.”

-Brant Bell, Ohio Housing Finance Agency

“It helps get a whole picture on your website user experience. What is done right and what needs improvement.”

-Alison Hinch, Curotec

“I started in a new role last year in a large company that didn’t have a way to continually review and improve content quality. Bringing Silktide on board has been invaluable in all aspects of monitoring our vast digital footprint. From the basics of misspellings and broken links to accessibility and mobile checks, Silktide is helping us elevate the quality of the content we are providing our customers.”

Silktide is the most user-friendly performance tool we have used. The back end layout is simple to follow and deliberately created, and the quick updating of scores quickly gamified the process of site improvement for us.”

-Rob Turner, Schneider

“We are solving the issues surrounding accessibility of all types on all our sites. The assistance with privacy is helpful as well. We hope to engage with more consumers as a result of our improvements.”

“Silktide reduces the amount of staff time spent problem-solving and looking for issues. Before Silktide, we would have to run most tests by hand as well as Googling and reading through the lengthy WCAG guidelines to try and understand the issues we are looking for and trying to fix. Silktide makes it super easy by having everything in one centralized place, and they show you where the problems are.”

Silktide is a valuable tool to increase our website efficiency.”

“By pinpointing the changes needed to ensure the best quality of my site, I was able to optimize my site to be the best it can be.”

-Edgar Navarro, The University of Texas at Dallas

Silktide is making the web a better place for its users. I have friends and family who cannot browse the web without a screen reader and seeing the daily struggles has opened my eyes to how difficult the web can be for them to use. Silktide’s platform allows organizations to view their website from many different perspectives to ensure any user can have the best possible experience on their website.”

-Ben Biederman, Schneider

“Silktide helps our school to be more compliant with the different sites the rest of the university maintains. Silktide helps because we are a state university, and state law mandates we follow accessibility guidelines.”

-Dennis Guten, The University of Texas at Dallas

“Silktide has exceeded expectations. They’ve provided better support, an easier-to-use tool, and a better price.”

-Christy Glaze, University of Dallas at Texas

Silktide saves us hours and hours of manual work and alerts us to errors before customers or site owners do.”

-Steven Johnson

“As a public school district, we have to make sure that all of our sites are following WCAG and ADA guidelines, and Silktide has helped us stay ahead of the issues. The best part about Silktide is that they want to make the platform work for everyone, no matter what it takes. They are actually invested in making websites accessible and are honest with their customers.”

Silktide helps us become more ADA compliant and improve our website content.”

“Silktide provides a great platform for ensuring our websites have quality, accessible content.”

Silktide is fantastic. It walks you through each step of enhancing your website, making the procedure quick and simple.”

-Karen Rudd, Appel Law Firm

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