It helps me quickly complete accessibility checks and updates. This is the primary purpose I have for using Silktide and it fulfills that purpose without issue.”

-Peter Schreier, Lung Health Foundation

“The nature of our organization makes it critically important that web accessibility is at the highest possible level. We use Silktide to find errors and correct them, which is invaluable for the public and specialized users.”

Very impressive functionality which is proving essential in helping our website keep improving in its accessibility”

“Previously, we had issues with identifying issues within our large-scale website. Silktide makes it easy to identify both positive and negative trends in content accessibility and other areas.”

“Since we have been monitoring our sites with Silktide, our accessibility has increased. When completing our accessibility statement, Silktide made it easy to find and therefore list any known issues together with our plan to resolve them.”

“Silktide helps us scan for broken links, spelling errors, accessibility issues and page load times, and explains how to correct these issues.”

“Making our site more accessible for all visitors is a crucial priority for our team, as is eliminating poor user experience. Silktide provides the tools and resources to our team in a way that allows us to focus on quick, specific wins – and provides the support for longer-term goals related to site re-design and content re-structuring.”

-Ty Stapleton, University of Prince Edward Island

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