What can you do with policies?

Pretty much, anything you like. As long as a computer can check it. Examples include:

  • Write your brand terms correctly
  • Keep page titles short
  • Check Google Analytics is implemented
  • Write currency codes consistently

The ability to customize Silktide with your own specific rules is excellent in terms of ensuring content standards and consistencies.

Jake Fleming, Portsmouth City Council


How do I set up a policy?

Choose from a library of rules, and combine multiple rules together. It’s powerful and flexible.

Pick your selector

Find email addresses, HTML tags, images, links, URLs, text, and more (even REGEX).

Set up your rule

Search for matching text, strings, or anything else inside your selector. Policy matches appear In Silktide as page violations.

Standard policies

Are there any built-in policies?

Silktide has a whole library of common off-the-shelf policies.

They cover a wide range of common errors. We include unlinked email addresses, missing page descriptions, or long paragraphs.

Use the built-in policies to save yourself some time and get started quickly.


How do I check for violations?

Policy violations are added to your list of tasks, so you can tackle them as part of your usual workflow.

They’re also listed in their own section – the Page Violation report.

More features

We help web teams in government, higher education, finance and across the private sector work more efficiently and create a better web experience for their users.

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