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We analyzed 6,554 websites for accessibility ­čĆć

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Coming soon: Web accessibility made easy

The forthcoming book by our CEO, Oliver Emberton, is coming soon. Sign up using the form below to be notified of its release.

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An accessibility guide for the rest of us

We’re tired of accessibility books that read like something a particularly vindictive lecturer would hand out. Ours is different:

  • Learn how to make accessible content, forms, videos, and more
  • Learn how to conduct an accessibility audit with manual and automated tools
  • Gain an up-to-date understanding of your legal obligations and their consequences
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What is it?

  • A practical guide to the latest accessibility standards
  • The only book on WCAG 2.1
  • Made for the web in 2020: mobile accessibility, ARIA, HTML5
  • Covers US, EU, and UK legal requirements
  • It’s, like, really pretty
Tell me when the book is ready

Tell me when the book is ready