An accessibility guide for the rest of us

We’re tired of accessibility books that read like something a particularly vindictive lecturer would hand out. Ours is different:

  • Learn how to make accessible content, forms, videos, and more
  • Learn how to conduct an accessibility audit with manual and automated tools
  • Gain an up-to-date understanding of your legal obligations and their consequences

What is it?

  • A practical guide to the latest accessibility standards
  • The only book on WCAG 2.1
  • Made for the web in 2020: mobile accessibility, ARIA, HTML5
  • Covers US, EU, and UK legal requirements
  • It’s, like, really pretty

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Can’t wait? Get our free beginners guide to accessibility

“Best practices for great web accessibility” is our new book that helps beginners understand how to create content for the web.

It’s aimed at marketers, content creators, and developers who are new to accessibility.

It covers the main accessibility concepts and explains how to find and fix the most common issues that we found through testing thousands of websites in the Silktide Index.

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