How Adobe Experience Manager users benefit from Silktide

You’ll save time by being able to access a range of Silktide’s testing inside AEM, without needing to switch between the two. This leads to improved workflow and allows you to:

  • Test draft pages and content before publishing, in around 20 seconds
  • Automatically test newly-published pages
  • Navigate directly to an individual page in AEM from Silktide

What is Silktide?

Silktide is a web governance platform that helps AEM users find and fix common problems with their content, user experience, and accessibility. By finding these issues and showing you inside AEM how to fix them, you’ll increase team productivity and pre-empt errors before your customers see them.

Which problems does Silktide test for?

  • Accessibility issues, up to the latest global standards
  • Spelling and grammar issues in 50 languages
  • Readability
  • Broken links
  • Custom policies, which can include anything from branding to contact details
  • Cookie-free analytics, including page visitors, views, and scores
  • Mobile page testing

Frequently asked questions

– Local AEM Cloud Service SDK
– AEM 6.4
– AEM 6.5
Download Silktide’s AEM integration from our support page.

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