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We analyzed 6,554 websites for accessibility 🏆

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Silktide learning resources

We’ll onboard your team with one-to-one contact, free webinars, and a library of self-learning video guides in our learning management suite.

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University of Edinburgh Cambridge City Council University of Derby Santander

Learn how to improve your site

We provide all the resources you need to learn and use the Silktide platform. We also offer on-site training and webinars for large organizations who need to get up to speed on the latest accessibility guidelines.

Become an expert with in-platform explanations

Silktide offers clear explanations for every technical issue discovered on your site. Our aim is not just to tell you about issues, but to show you where they occur and explain why and how to fix them.

We do this with explanations, code examples, and video guides for each issue, all located within easy reach.

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The in-platform training content definitely helps explain accessibility to our team and the reasons why things are done the way they are. So I’ve used this information a lot.

Matt Pearce | Website Services Manager | Warwick District Council

Watch our webinars

You can watch and join a range of webinars covering the core topics our platform covers, including accessibility, content optimization, marketing, and privacy.

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Join the Silktide Academy

You’ll find our training video library inside the Silktide platform. It enables you to learn at your own pace and gives progress updates for any course you take.

We break down topics (which include web accessibility and the Silktide platform) into short and manageable tasks, so your team can quickly get to grips with Silktide.

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Get in touch with our friendly experts and we’ll prepare a custom report for your website.

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