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Silktide tools

Silktide builds great tools to help website owners improve accessibility and work together more closely.

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Disability simulator for the web

Experience your website with a range of simulated disabilities, including color blindness and dyslexia, with our free toolbar for Google Chrome.

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Silktide Prospect

Digital agencies use Silktide Prospect to identify issues with potential websites, and their sales teams use that information to sell digital marketing services. Prospect covers SEO, SEM, directory listings, and more.

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Our free website testing tool, Nibbler, covers user experience, SEO, local search, accessibility, marketing, and technology. Web developers use Nibbler to test their own and other sites.

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Color contrast checker

Part of the Silktide web accessibility platform, the color contrast checker ensure that all users, regardless of any disability or environmental factor, can read the text on your website.

Sufficient color contrast helps people with low vision or a user on a device with bright sunlight shining on their screen.

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