Introducing Silktide Analytics – analytics without cookies

Accessibility checker

Free online accessibility checker

Coming soon, we’re launching a free online single-page accessibility checker, based on our award-winning technology.

You can sign up for our mailing list and we’ll let you know when it’s released.

Free Chrome extension

Disability simulator for the web

Experience your website with a range of simulated disabilities, including color blindness and dyslexia, with our free toolbar for Google Chrome.

Free accessibility book

Free ebook – Best practices for great web accessibility

We wrote a free accessibility book for beginners, especially those working in marketing or content creation, explaining how you can make your content more accessible.

There are also guides for developers explaining how to find and fix the top accessibility issues we found through our extensive accessibility testing in the Silktide Index.

Silktide – accessibility testing and much more

Our website governance platform. Monitor your website for accessibility, content, privacy, SEO, and mobile issues.

Silktide allows large organizations across many sectors and industries to improve their web estate.

Silktide includes automated testing, project management, and visualization tools that enhance your workflow and improve efficiency.

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