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Silktide helps over a thousand organizations understand and improve their websites. Our platform is used by global organizations across multiple sectors, including government, education, and finance.

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Government web teams are often under pressure to ensure an accessible, user-friendly experience for their citizens, against a backdrop of increasing demand and reducing budgets.

By creating a website that complies with the latest accessibility standards, WCAG 2.1, you’ll improve access to online services for your most vulnerable citizens.

Silktide helps you make sense of your website, with automated testing for user experience issues including readability, broken links, and uptime monitoring. Silktide also tests against the latest accessibility standards.

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Higher education

Presenting your university in the best light is key to attracting and retaining students, by offering an SEO-friendly and inclusive online environment.

With thousands of pages, continually updated content, a wide range of stakeholders, and accessibility challenges, you’ve got your work cut out.

Silktide helps many universities identify more issues, educate staff members, and solve accessibility problems.

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Private sector

Silktide helps companies get more revenue through a better performing website.

Our advanced digital marketing module puts your marketing team in control. Grow your inbound traffic by improving technical SEO, and increase revenue through a better user experience.

Monitor loading speeds and on-page optimization. Keep track of organic and paid global keyword rankings. Include every user and make your site compatible with whichever technology they prefer.

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Web agencies

Silktide helps web agencies make better websites and sell their services. Gain more business by empowering your sales team to sell more, and create more accessible websites.

Using Silktide Monitor, agencies working on behalf of private sector organizations are able to identify accessibility and quality issues, and present these to their clients.

Silktide Prospect gives your sales team the tools they need to explain complex issues in a simplified matter to their prospects. With white-labelled website reporting available along with lead generation tools, your clients will regard you as experts in your field.

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