If you can’t avoid PDFs, fix them

Where possible, you should avoid using PDFs, although that’s easier said than done. Large organizations, especially in the public sector, often have a back-catalog of hundreds or even thousands of PDFS, all of which are inaccessible.

Legislation states that PDFs must be accessible to a certain standard for public sector bodies.

But what does this mean and how can you fix them?

Silktide finds PDF accessibility issues

Silktide detects all PDFs across your website and lets you know when they were published. We’ll also list every PDF you link to and when they were last amended.

This means you can immediately reduce your workload by finding and discounting older PDFs that don’t fall under any legislation.

Silktide then reads the contents of each PDF and alerts you to critical accessibility issues. We’ll then give you advice on how to fix them.

Want to fix PDFs yourself?

We created an hour-long webinar detailing how to fix PDFs both with and without the source document.

In it, we cover how people with disabilities may experience an inaccessible PDF, what the law requires, source documents, testing PDFs, and fixing them.

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