The 10 most accessible UK university websites revealed

The results are in! We’ve tested over 130 UK university websites for accessibility. Read on to see who’s topped our list.

What is the Silktide Index?

It’s a list of UK public sector websites tested for accessibility. It includes local government, NHS, police and, you’ve guessed it, universities.

We’re Silktide. Our mission is to make the web a better place for everyone. In providing this leaderboard we’ve highlighted the winners in each sector.

If you’re interested in the data behind the Silktide Index and how we’ve performed our testing, click here to read about our methodology.

Click here to visit the full list of UK University websites in the Silktide Index.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten.

10) University of Warwick (78/100)

Click here to see the University of Warwick’s accessibility report.

9) University of Derby (79/100)

Click here to see the University of Derby’s accessibility report.

8) University of Greenwich (80/100)

Click here to see the University of Greenwich’s accessibility report.

7) Swansea University (82/100)

Click here to see Swansea University’s accessibility report.

6) University of Aberdeen (82/100)

Click here to see the University of Aberdeen’s accessibility report.

5) Birkbeck University of London (84/100)

Click here to Birkbeck University of London’s accessibility report.

4) University of Worcester (87/100)

Click here to see the University of Worcester’s accessibility report.

3) Heriot-Watt University (88/100)

Click here to see Heriot-Watt University’s accessibility report.

2) University of Bradford (89/100)

Click here to see the University of Bradford’s accessibility report.

1) University of Manchester (89/100)

Click here to see the University of Manchester’s accessibility report.

Congratulations to the University of Manchester!

What a great result for Manchester! They’ve jumped straight in at the top of the list for February 2020.

Just narrowly missing out on the top spot were the University of Bradford and Heriot-Watt University.

Being in the top 10 out of 132 university websites is a fantastic achievement, so every institution on this list should be praised for their hard work.

Silktide runs this report every month, so check back in early March to see if the University of Manchester can keep its crown as the most accessible UK university website.

You can see all the results for yourself in the Silktide Index. It covers a wide range of public sector websites including UK Councils, Police Forces, The NHS, UK Fire and Rescue Services, and UK Ambulance Services.

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