The alternative to Siteimprove

Silktide is the leading web governance alternative to Siteimprove. Gain superior functionality at a competitive price.

What both platforms do

Silktide and Siteimprove both have the same fundamentals

  • Check spelling, broken links, SEO, and accessibility
  • Test your website automatically every 5 days, and retest on demand
  • Define and enforce custom policies for your websites
  • See problems highlighted on your webpages visually
  • Receive scheduled, customized emails about your website
  • Dedicated training, support, and expert advice

Accessibility testing

Only Silktide tests for current accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1)

Siteimprove claims to cover these but if you look at their results in detail you will see all their WCAG 2.1 checks are greyed out (pictured).

WCAG 2.1 is a legal requirement for many websites, including all UK and EU public sector organizations.

Mobile testing

Only Silktide tests pages for mobile

Siteimprove claims to test for mobile, but their entire analysis is a free Google mobile check on your homepage. The only information provided is a single score out of 100 (pictured).

In contrast Silktide tests all your webpages on a mobile device, and we use this information to measure your mobile speed, layout, and accessibility. Each area comes with detailed guidance on how to improve.

SEO and search ranking

Track your search rankings

Silktide uniquely tracks the ranking of all your desired keywords, around the world, for both desktop and mobile. You can track your websites and all of your competitors from a single dashboard.

Ease of use

Silktide’s user interface is faster and easier to use

Common tasks, like working with spelling errors, are simpler and require fewer clicks than in Siteimprove.

Pay as you go

Siteimprove is only available via fixed annual contract. In addition to this, Silktide also offers a self-serve model, where you can pay monthly via credit card for the features you need, and cancel whenever you wish.

Migrate without the hassle

Silktide offer a dedicated Siteimprove switching service, where we'll migrate your settings for you. Silktide will set up all of your websites, users, permissions, dictionaries, CMS integration and more. We can even tailor our training for existing Siteimprove users.

Money back guarantee

It's really important to us that you're happy. If after three months of using Silktide you're not satisfied, we'll cancel your contract and fully refund you, with no questions asked.

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All information accurate at the time of writing (September 2019) to the best of Silktide's knowledge. Siteimprove is a trademark of Siteimprove A/S. Silktide is a registered trademark of Silktide Ltd.