State of Texas: Department of Information Resources

Silktide Contract: DIR-CPO-5116 for accessibility services

Silktide Inc holds contracts with the State of Texas through the Department of Information Resources DIR Cooperative Contracts Program.

Silktide is a comprehensive website governance platform that enables your teams to:

  • Find, prioritize, and fix website accessibility issues
  • Identify accessibility problems in PDFs
  • Monitor all your websites for issues with content, user experience, privacy, accessibility, and more
  • Test on multiple simulated device types (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • See issues visually on each page in the Silktide Inspector
  • Test multi-step forms for accessibility
  • Test behind authenticated site areas, like customer portals or staff Intranets, for accessibility and more
  • Monitor user behaviour without invading privacy, with Silktide Analytics
  • Speed up your workflow
  • Monitor your progress over time
  • Get comprehensive in-platform support for all web issues found
  • Receive bespoke accessibility training from our team

For a full overview of the platform, including an online demonstration, visit


All packages receive unlimited support via in-app Live Chat, Phone, and Email via the Standard support plan and access to the Silktide Academy.

DescriptionDIR PricingMSRP
Web Governance Package
Includes: Content, Accessibility, Policies, UX, Uptime (3 monitors), Inventory, Search
2,500 Pages$3,856$4,820
5,000 Pages$5,800$7,250
7,500 Pages$7,768$9,710
10,000 Pages$9,692$12,115
15,000 Pages$13,224$16,530
20,000 Pages$16,460$20,575
Web Elite Package:
Includes: Content, Accessibility, Marketing, Privacy, UX, Uptime (10 monitors), Inventory, Search
2,500 Pages$4,644$5,805
5,000 Pages$7,308$9,135
7,500 Pages$9,868$12,335
10,000 Pages$12,308$15,385
15,000 Pages$16,860$21,075
20,000 Pages$20,960$26,200
Flag accessibility issues within your PDFs:
2,500 PDFs$400$500
5,000 PDFs$800$1,000
10,000 PDFs$1,600$2,000
25,000 PDFs$2,756$3,445
50,000 PDFs$3,956$4,945
Web Analytics
Includes: Unlimited heatmaps
500,000 YPVs$1,440$1,800
1 million YPVs$2,160$2,700
3 million YPVs$2,880$3,600
6 million YPVs$3,600$4,500
10 million YPVs$5,440$6,800
15 million YPVs$7,200$9,000
25 million YPVs$9,280$11,600
35 million YPVs$12,000$15,000
50 million YPVs$15,000$19,500
75 million YPVs$20,000$25,000
100 million YPVs$23,200$29,000
Additional Items
1 Additional Uptime Monitor$80$100
100 Additional Search Keywords$200$250
1 Additional User Journey$160$200
1 Additional Authentication$800$1,000
1 Additional VPN$1,600$2,000
1 Additional Training Webinar (up to 90 minutes)$400$500
1 Additional Customer Webinar (up to 90 minutes)$680$850
Standard Support$1,600$2,000
Premier Support$3,200$4,000
Enterprise Support$6,400$8,000

How to order

Read the DIR overview

  • Fill in our demo request form, or contact to speak with a member of our team who can provide you a demonstration of the Silktide platform and help find a package that works best for you
  • Silktide will respond with a Proposal to perform the agreed services
  • Generate a Purchase Order, made payable to Silktide. You must reference DIR contract number DIR-CPO-5116 on your purchase order
  • Sign the Proposal sent by Silktide and send your purchase order to

Contact details

For any specific non-sales queries on this contract, please contact:

Lee Percox (

Phone: (800) 654-6145

Product Warranty and Returns Policy

Order Fulfiller will adhere to the Vendor's then-currently published policies concerning the product warranties and returns. Product warranty and return policies for Customers will not be more restrictive or more costly than warranty and return policies for other similarly situated Customers for like products.

Contract information

Texas DIR

Please visit the below links for more information about our contract:


DIR Cooperative Contract Program Information

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