Automate QA for your websites

If you build a lot of websites, you need to automate your quality assurance.

What is it?

Website quality assurance has traditionally been a cumbersome manual process, involving manual checklists, spreadsheets, and tedious manual labor.

Silktide can automate this process, increasing quality, reducing costs and accelerating the speed at which your websites can come to market.

Our solution

Silktide allows your organization to automate most of your website QA within a single platform.

We offer a huge library of standard rules and guidelines for you to build upon, and allow you to customize and expand these as needed. Among the hundreds of checks we perform, Silktide covers spelling, grammar, broken links, mobile layout and SEO.

Our platform will scan and report on your websites simply by entering a web address. Our platform creates itemized actions for your production team to follow, and provides a workflow for understanding, prioritizing and delegating them. By using Silktide, actions are made explicit, and your goals can be easily measured.

Silktide allows you to review production from a high level – such as team performance – or dive into specific websites and team members. Competitive dashboards help contextualize and incentivize your team’s performance.

Who is this for?

Large digital agencies and production centers, typically producing tens to hundreds of websites a week.

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