Website governance

If you have large, complicated, or important websites, you need effective web governance.

What is it?

Website governance is the policies and procedures used to manage your websites. This can cover a huge range of responsibilities, including strategy, content, user experience, marketing, and accessibility.

Effective web governance helps ensure consistency, quality and compliance across your websites. Typically organizations combine many different applications and manual processes via manual reporting, which can be expensive and confusing to manage.

Our solution

Silktide allows your organization to automate most of your website governance within a single online platform.

We provide a huge library of standard rules and guidelines for you to build upon, and allow you to customize and expand these as needed. Among the hundreds of features we cover are spelling, grammar, broken links, accessibility, mobile, SEO, analytics and legal compliance.

The Silktide platform monitors your websites automatically. At a high level, reports can be scheduled for key stakeholders, covering KPIs and strategic priorities. At a practical level, appropriate staff are notified of problems as they occur. The Silktide platform helps everyone understand and manage the tasks necessary to ensure their websites are performing correctly.

Silktide creates itemized actions for your staff to follow, and provides a workflow for understanding, prioritizing and delegating them. By using Silktide, actions are made explicit, and your goals can be easily measured.

Members of your organization can review their web presence from a high level – such as performance by website – or dive into specific web pages. Competitive dashboards help contextualize and incentivize your team’s performance. Trend reports help to demonstrate progress over time.

Key features for website governance

  • Organization dashboards
  • Accessibility testing (WCAG 2.1, Section 508)
  • Spelling and grammar checks
  • Detect broken links
  • Mobile compatibility checking
  • Custom policy checks
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