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Be blazing fast by identifying and fixing server and page speed issues. Silktide gives you everything to need to improve your SEO.

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Identify slow pages

Page loading speed is an important factor in how Google ranks your website. Users want fast-loading, mobile-optimized websites. Check your site for average server response times and get notified of any issues.

Optimize images

Use Silktide’s image optimizer to download compressed versions of large images. Replace them in your CMS without involving the design team. It’s a simple way to keep files sizes down, page loading speed up, and involve fewer people.

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Find your resource hogs

Silktide identifies a list of your slowest-loading site-wide resources. We’ll identify large JavaScript files, CSS sheets, fonts, and images, and present them in order of speed.

Get full explanations
For every issue found, detailed help and support on fixing them are available. Silktide includes code examples where appropriate. Our aim is not only to explain what the issues are but to educate your team on how to fix them.

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