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We analyzed 6,554 websites for accessibility 🏆

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Silktide are Socitm’s 2020 accessibility partner

Socitm members receive free monthly reports on website accessibility, run by Silktide’s accessibility testing platform.

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Cambridge City Council Devon County Council Derbyshire county council University of Edinburgh

Why accessibility?

Monitoring and maintaining your website is a challenge. It’s not just about compliance with WCAG 2.1, it’s about making your website inclusive for all.

Silktide’s partnership with Socitm is the first step in giving UK public service website owners the tools and training needed to effect real change in how they approach website accessibility.

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Who are Silktide?

We’re the power behind Socitm’s BetterConnected+, undertaking automated testing of your websites and measuring the findings against accessibility standards.

Our business was founded in 2001 and over 1000 organizations in 90+ countries worldwide trust us to deliver accurate, compliant website testing.

Our mission is to make the web a better place for everyone.

See how your website ranks in the Silktide Index

The Silktide Index is the result of intelligent analysis of cross-industry public service websites, highlighting top performers while offering suggestions for improvement for others.

The Index reports against the latest standards for website accessibility and includes comprehensive tests for mobile accessibility.

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What does Silktide offer Socitm members?

  • A free monthly accessibility report
  • Top 125 pages and up to 25 PDFs tested
  • Quarterly webinars hosted by Silktide
  • Regulatory compliance testing (WCAG 2.1)
  • Mobile device testing
  • PDF accessibility testing
  • Detailed recommendations for improvement

What sets Silktide apart from other testing tools?

Socitm chose us because we’re the automated solution that can test against WCAG 2.1 legislation.

Our tool tests your website like a human being would, loading it in a real browser on several devices. We also include mobile website testing as standard.

We’re also a friendly bunch, on hand to offer expert advice to web developers and key digital stakeholders.

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