All your website marketing in one platform

Measure and improve your search engine optimization

Measure your search rankings

See how you rank in Google for your keywords around the world, and on mobile and desktop devices.

Stay mobile friendly

Automatically check that all of your webpages appear correctly on mobile, and see previews of each page on a mobile device. Identify broken layouts, text that is too small to tap, and more.

Learn how to reach more customers

Silktide presents an itemized list of actions to improve your website marketing and SEO. Filter by priority, area of concern, and responsibility.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Identify what competitors rank for the keywords you care about, how popular their websites are compared to yours, and their bounce rates. Learn how to improve from the websites that outrank your own.

Optimize your content

Silktide's AI automatically discovers the language and qualities of high ranking content for your desired keywords, and makes specific recommendations on what you should include.

Keep your website fast

Measure the speed of all your webpages on mobile and desktop computers. Identify and fix performance bottlenecks across all of your pages. Measure the actual page speeds experienced by your users.

Track popularity, bounce rate, backlinks and more

Profile your website's key performance indicators against your peers and competitors.

Get the help you need

When an online tool isn't enough, you can call on us to help you make sense of your SEO. Our team of experts are on-hand to provide personalized, independent support for your websites.

Key features of the Silktide platform


Silktide can provide a wide range of dashboards, for whole families of websites.

  • Rank websites by key criteria
  • Review website trends over time
  • Compare websites against competitors and peers
  • Share dashboards with your organization

Reports & alerts

Silktide can automatically deliver high and low level updates to the relevant members of your organization.

  • Email stakeholders regular reports covering KPIs and strategic objective
  • Alert relevant staff of new issues in their area of responsibility
  • Works via email and web – no software to install

Page reports

Silktide analyzes websites all the way down to individual web pages, with reports available for individual pages where required.

  • See issues highlighted visually on affected webpages
  • Navigate between similar issues on other pages
  • Re-test any page on demand


By integrating Silktide with your CMS, website testing and corrections can be massively streamlined.

  • Automatically test webpages when they are published
  • Link from Silktide to edit a page in your CMS
  • Simply install a CMS plugin


Silktide automatically creates actions for every issue it encounters, providing a robust workflow for website improvement.

  • Actions are prioritized and can be re-prioritized
  • Share and assign actions as needed
  • Make decisions to ignore or approve actions
  • Decisions are logged and are fully auditable
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Request a demo

Interested in how Silktide can monitor and improve your website? Get in touch and we'll prepare a custom demonstration for your website.