How AI will revolutionize accessibility

60 mins

Who is this webinar for?

Anyone interested in accessibility and AI. No technical expertise is required.

What we’ll cover

We will explore how generative AI – the underlying technology behind ChatGPT and Midjourney – has changed what is possible with assistive tech.

We’ll explore what new capabilities have unlocked for accessibility and the barriers they break down.

For example, while AI has historically been incapable of writing quality alternative text, generative AI demonstrated by “Be My Eyes” allows for new experiences better than traditional alt text. Users can now ask about images, like “What is the woman wearing?” or “What is the date range on this chart?”

We’ll explore what these paradigm shifts mean for accessibility as an industry.

What you’ll learn

  • What’s new in AI
  • What’s happening in Accessibility and AI right now
  • How AI will disrupt Accessibility


Oliver Emberton

CEO, Silktide

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