Gamifying digital accessibility

60 mins

Who is this webinar for?

Anyone interested in accessibility and gamification. No technical expertise is required.

What we’ll cover

Gamification can be a potent incentive for improving accessibility in an organization, but it comes with risks.

We’ll explore how gamification works and what motivates people. We’ll draw lessons from the videogame industry to show how gamification can tap into the base nature of our human selves and effectively enact positive change at an organizational scale.  And we will look at some case studies from our clients about how they’ve made gamification work for them.

What you’ll learn

  • How gamification works
  • The pros and cons of gamification
  • New techniques for motivating your own teams 

We will explore how gamification works, and several approaches to gamification, with examples and case studies from our clients. We’ll talk about comparisons with peers and competitors, targets and milestones, awards and achievements, and the ethical questions around gamification. 


Jessica Chambers

Accessibility Specialist, Silktide

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