Changes from v1

Cookie Consent v2 is a massive upgrade from Cookie Consent v1, updated for modern best practices.

  • Mobile friendly. Version 2 handles mobile devices much more elegantly, without filling the entire mobile display.
  • More lightweight. Version 2 doesn’t require any other frameworks (like JQuery) and is extremely small, only requiring around 3.5k when minified.
  • Themeable. Version 2 supports custom themes, which can include colour schemes, placement and animations for all your notifications. Use one of ours or design your own.
  • Less complex. Version 1 allowed users to disable specific cookies, and to persist settings between websites, and many other features which we discovered people didn’t use. By stripping these out we’ve made the tool faster to load and easier to implement.

If you still wish to use it, version 1 of Cookie Consent is still available.