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If you sell websites and other digital services at scale, Silktide's sales enablement platform can help you generate more leads, close more pitches and streamline the sales process.

"Since using Silktide Prospect, we have seen our conversions for leads generated to closed sales increase noticeably. Not only have our sales teams been able to convert more opportunities quickly, they have been able to generate more appointments."

Michael Herfort, Head of New Media of Heise Media Service

What can Silktide do for you?

  • Streamline your sales process into one scan tool that sales reps love.
  • Boost the technical understanding of your reps and their ability to identify the right products for each customer.
  • Eliminate time spent on manual research before each sales meeting.
  • Position your organization as a technical leader by providing best-practice insight at each step in the sales journey.
  • Ensure your sales teams focus their time on the right opportunities by segmenting based on Silktide data.
  • Post-sale, prove the value you've created for each customer and create new up-sell opportunities.
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Herold case study

Find out how Herold, a leading Austrian digital marketing provider, boosted their sales with Silktide.

Herold Case Study Revised 2 https://silktide.com/downloads/Herold-case-study-revised-2.pdf Download case study Download case study

Key features for enabling sales teams

Organizations looking to replace a large (at least 500 page) website; typically following a substantial redesign or platform

  • Easy to understand marketing reports help sales teams engage with clients about key success factors for their business.
  • Compare an SMEs strengths and weaknesses online to their local rivals.
  • Integrate with your existing CRM and sales tools.
  • Available in 20+ languages.
  • Extensive customization and white-label options.
  • Comprehensive management dashboards.
  • Generate qualified leads by offering a self-serve website scan.
  • Batch test your existing leads to profile and segment.

Who is this for?

Organizations selling digital marketing services, such as websites, SEO, SEM and much more use Silktide's platform to delight their customers and increase sales efficiency. Existing clients using Silktide for sales include directory and yellow page companies, domain registrars, telecom providers and broadcasters. Contact us today to find out how we can boost your sales team.

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