Beautifully simple website reports

Get reports on the state of any website in minutes, and improve your SEO, content, and user experience.

Snapshot reports are designed to require the minimum of effort and look great when printed out. They're ideally suited for agencies looking to add a little spice to their sales pitches, or for marketing professionals looking to impress their boss.

Fix your content

Snapshot checks your content for spelling mistakes, finds broken links, and identifies what content is poorly written and could be improved.

Enhance your user's experience

Measure what makes a good web experience, including website speed, and how well optimized a website is for mobile devices.

Everything you get in just one tool

  • Spell check in over 40 languages
  • Identify broken links
  • Measure readability
  • Track search ranking
  • Check SEO fundamentals
  • Test website speed
  • Check mobile compatibility

And much more. See an example report.

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Start now from just $60/month

Snapshot is our most affordable website testing solution, and is ideal for people who want quick reports on small websites (under 100 webpages).