How does Silktide Prospect compare to BuzzBoard?

Silktide Prospect provides equivalent sales features to BuzzBoard at a vastly reduced price. Silktide Prospect also offers additional marketing features not found in BuzzBoard.

Silktide Prospect BuzzBoard
Pricing model Unlimited users, priced per report Per user
Search for businesses Yes Yes
Business reports on website, local directories, SEO, social, mentions, reviews and more. Yes Yes
Compare businesses Yes Additional fee
Export and share reports with email tracking Yes Additional fee
CRM integration Additional fee Additional fee
Presentations Yes Additional fee
Proposals Yes Additional fee
Million+ volume experience We have customers who test over 5 million businesses in a single batch. Unknown
Inbound marketing tool Yes No

A key problem with BuzzBoard at large scale is the per-seat model, which makes it ineffective for all of your staff to take advantage of the tool. By contrast, Silktide Prospect allows unlimited users. We bill on a per-report model, which means you only pay for what you use.

Silktide Prospect offers two key capabilities not found in BuzzBoard: an inbound marketing tool, and the ability to test millions of businesses at scale.

Our unique inbound marketing tool allows your organisation to offer customised reports on other businesses, as a means of engaging with those organisations. You could, for example, offer free website reviews on your website, feeding the leads from this into your CRM. Or you might want to email your customers a report on their current SEO performance.

Silktide Prospect also has unique experience testing millions of businesses for a customer in a single batch, a scale which is either not possible or cost effective for BuzzBoard. We can, for example, create complete marketing profiles on millions of your existing customers or leads, allowing you to effectively target your sales and marketing. We can also help you complete gaps details in your own data, such as finding web addresses for your customers based on their name and address.

If you’re a BuzzBoard customer and you’d like to talk about what Silktide Prospect can do for you, please get in touch.

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