Enrich your contact data

Silktide Augment will enrich your leads and customer data with intelligence from the web.

With Silktide Augment, we take your customer or lead lists and return to you over 100 data points for each contact. We can even identify the websites of customers you don't have a web address for.

Prioritize sales opportunities

Pre-screen your leads and prioritize the biggest opportunities by segmenting with over 100 key indicators covering SEO, SEM, social media, accessibility and more.

Target your marketing

Stop sending generic emails to your entire customer base and start sending meaningful, targeted communications. With the insights provided by Silktide Augment, you can create marketing campaigns that speak directly to the concerns of each individual business.

Get industry insight

Create powerful statistics for sales and marketing by aggregating Silktide Augment data. With vendor and CMS detection included, you can also benchmark your sites against the competition.

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Request a demo

Interested in how Silktide can enrich your customer data? Get in touch for a personalized demonstration of our capabilities.