Meet Josh, Our new Digital Marketing Manager

With our team growing and evolving at a rapid pace, we thought we'd highlight some faces both old and new at our HQ.

May 13

5 min read

With our team growing and evolving at a rapid pace, we thought we'd highlight some faces both old and new at our HQ. Josh recently joined Silktide to head up or digital marketing department and we thought we'd give him a proper introduction. Here’s Josh.

👋 Hey Josh! Introduce yourself in a few words.

Hello, I'm Josh. I'm from Nigeria but I kind of bounced around several countries in my formative years. I spent time in the United States as a teenager. I lead Silktide's Digital Marketing team, designing and implementing campaigns, original content and up-worthy media to help boost our brand and engage our community.

What's your background?

I have been in the Retail, Marketing and Media industry for over 10 years and spent a large part of my career working at a prominent film studio. I specialize in creative direction, analytics and campaign design, also thanks to my media background I also have a pretty solid level of expertise in content creation as well.

How did you connect with Silktide?

I found Silktide through my travels on LinkedIn, I connected with our Implementation Manager Wesley Archer and the rest as they say was history. After a great interview I knew this was a fantastic position and I was looking forward to hitting the ground running from day one, which today actually isn't by the way, but close enough.

What’s your working day like?

It usually starts with some form of liquid sustenance, in the form of coffee or orange juice. I then tend to kick things off with a bit of metrics monitoring, going over existing campaigns and ensuring they're all running smoothly, afterwards I have a quick huddle with my team and we go over our chief objectives for the day. There's a level of diversity I enjoy in my role here at Silktide and its one of the things that attracted me to the position on the first place.

What’s your favourite Silktide product?

I'm very fond of Prospect, as a tool it has the ability to allow brands and marketers to see how their website is performing from not just a broad perspective but in core instances and against competitors as well. When applied correctly Prospect could be a god-sent to digital agencies and digital sales teams alike.

What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve come across since you joined Silktide?

I've had a lot of self-reflection when it comes to defining the company's marketing message. Having worked in advertising there's a variety of brands in my portfolio but Silktide is definitely the most forward-thinking in my opinion. Reflecting that on screen, be it via still or moving pictures will be one of the most exciting parts of this role and I'm very much looking forward to getting 'stuck in' as they say.

When not at Silktide, what are your favourite activities?

I've loved creativity since I could define the term, anything involving making music, film, television and all that sits in between simply fascinates me. In my spare time I try my hand at screen and songwriting, I also enjoy putting on my critic hat and just being in the audience as well. More recently I've been working an independent film for the last few years with some close friends and we spend most of our weekends trying to get it into festivals and arthouse theatres.